Merchant Account Consulting

At WorldMerchant our mission is to find the best solution for each business: offering the services of the best processors on the market. We will provide all the information you need so that your company or store can develop successful, efficient and profitable online sales.

Nevertheless, we understand that so much technical information, rules and technology can be daunting. Don’t worry – that’s exactly why we are here, offering our service and experience.


Web Consulting Plan:  If your website is finished, but you have been rejected by acquiring banks or processors because of non-compliance with requirements, our plan is your solution.

Includes: detailed revision of compliance checklist, unlimited advice by e-mail for one month, and presenting your business without obligation to our banking partners.


Business Plan:  All new online businesses need to prepare a business plan in order to apply for a merchant account. We understand that when you first have a business idea everything is in your head, and sometimes writing it in black and white is more complicated than it at first appears. We offer you FREE templates so you can formulate your own plan.

If, however, you prefer not to tackle it alone, one of our independent editors can assist you. We will organize everything.

Includes:  Telephone consultation, editing, translation (if necessary)  presenting,  personalizing and completion of your business plan in pdf format.

Does not include:   Analysis, investigation, verification, and is not provided by a marketing expert.

Please contact us for details or to place your order.


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