Website Checklist

The most important aspect of any online business is the website. Before you can apply for a Merchant Account, your site MUST be finished, and it should provide clear, transparent and precise information. Of course we understand that you will be constantly trying to improve and tweak your site – but ‘finished’ means there must be no ‘coming soon’ messages, broken links, 404 errors, missing pages etc.

Below you will find the standard list of content that your page must include to satisfy the requirements of acquiring banks and processors. Additionally, please do not forget to check details like spelling, translations, platform compatibility, quality and definition of multimedia content.



Present, describe and clearly explain your products and services (What’s included, characteristics, requirements, compatibility, garanties, stock levels, promotions etc). Use real graphics and images that match the written description, and be sure that you hold any licenses or permits required. You should update your content frequently (validity of promotions, expansion, stock levels, news etc.)



Prices and accepted currencies must be clearly visible and must correspond with the product/service on offer, explaining what is included, restrictions, promotions (delivery, extra free gifts etc) It is extremely important NOT to publish misleading or false information or promotions.



This page is your business card: it tells your clients, suppliers and parters who you are, what you do, how you do it, your history, strengths, experience, achievements, mission, vision etc and your contact information (including email, phone, skype and physical address)



The rules of the game: here you can establish and define obligations and legal responsibility. You should include: definitions, user agreements or policy, delivery terms, means and deadlines for delivery, cancellations, exchanges and returns (means of return, who pays costs, etc), refund policies, export restrictions, guarantees, forms of payment and transaction currencies, software and hardware requirements (for IT businesses) etc



Explains the type of information you collect from visitors to your website, and why – as well as who has access to this information, how it is used and stored, and how to access, correct or delete data.



Eligibility for refund, how to apply for a refund, how refunds are calculated and how long they take to process. You can also offer alternatives to refund such as gift vouchers, credits etc.



Support email, phone, Skype, physical address etc. You should also specify opening hours. Include a physical address, that can also appear on the About Us, Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy pages) You can include a live chat link for online support and customer service, exchanges and returns, package tracking etc.

Note: Some banks and processors also insist that you appear as the domain owner in


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