Prepare your Documents

Once WorldMerchant has identified the perfect merchant solution for your business, what happens next? In order to get you processing, you will need to provide the following documents:

Please note: this list is intended as a guide. Depending on the underwriting requirements of different banks and processors, other documents may also be requested. You may also be required to send hard copies to the processor’s physical offices.

  • Application: duly signed and dated on each page and section.
  • Contract: signed and dated, with each page initialled
  • ID (Passport): Copies of the passports of all directors, signatories and owners
  • Company Registration documents
  • Incorporation documents: Complete certified copies
  • Processing History: last 6 (six) months, clearly showing the merchant name and the numbers and percentages of chargebacks. (If unavailable, business plan instead)
  • Business Plan: Detailed and structured plan showing financial projections and marketing strategies. (Not required for businesses with a good processing history)
  • Bank Statements: Copy of last 3 (three) months statements, in the name of the company or its directors/shareholders
  • Proof of address: Recent proof of address (utility bill or similar) in the name of the company or its directors or shareholders
  • Bank reference
  • Business or Professional Licences: as applicable


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