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Acquiring banks and payment processors often make approval of a merchant account conditional on presentation of at least 3 months processing history. This doesn’t mean that they are refusing the business, but it’s a security procedure that they often apply in the case of business types that have historically high levels of Chargebacks.

In this case e-wallet or voucher solutions, or even Paypal, play a very important role. They offer a fast, secure and efficient solution for start-ups with no history to begin accepting credit card payments. They enable you to launch your business, to foresee its real potential, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities – and most importantly, to develop the essential processing history.

Day by day, these e-wallet or voucher solutions are gaining the trust of consumers and start-up businesses alike. They are particularly useful to high risk and offshore businesses, since the criteria for approval are easier to comply with. There are several such companies we can recommend based on their excellent service, security and value for money.

How do they work? You open an account, which is provided by an e-wallet or electronic money company, such as Paypal. You integrate your shopping cart into the e-wallet’s gateway. Unlike a traditional Merchant Account in which the client can make purchases on your site using a credit or debit card, your clients must also open an account with the same wallet provider. The buyers then use their credit card to load funds onto their e-wallet, and then transfer their credit balance to you in order to make online purchases at your site. This integration can be relatively seamless and straightforward for the buyer, so as not to complicate the buying process.


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