What services does WorldMerchant offer?
We place and manage offshore merchant accounts for high risk businesses and we offer all the advice you need to comply with the requirements of banks and processors
Is WorldMerchant a bank or a processor of financial services?
No, WorldMechant is a specialist consultancy that manages Merchant Accounts for online merchants
How long does it take to obtain pre-approval for my Merchant Account?
Depending on the business model and your degree of compliance with the list of preliminary requirements, for high risk can be considered normal 1-3 weeks, in some cases it could be granted in 24 hours.
Can I be pre-approved for a Merchant account if my web site is under construction?
NO, the website is the key factor in the approval of your Merchant Account. It doesn't matter if it's not publicly visible: you would just need to send us credentials (user name and password) to see the site
What are the advantages of managing my account via WorldMerchant?
- No risk: if we can't offer you a solution that meets your needs, our service will cost you nothing. - We advise you on fulfilling all the requirements imposed by the Card Associations, which you will see reflected in better rates. - We save you valuable time and effort, because we only present you to providers that we know will accept your business model. - From one company you can receive various offers, so you can compare and decide which suits you best. - We avoid that you knock on the wrong doors, resulting in continuous rejections that could take away your dream. - You'll never be alone: we offer you support throughout the whole process.
What should I do to obtain a free consultation?
All you need do is fill out our easy 60 Second Merchant Account Pre-Approval Form. You'll receive a response from us within 24 hours.
If my company is not yet incorporated, can you advise me?
WorldMerchant concentrates only on the management of Merchant Accounts. Nonetheless, we are part of Offshore Pro Group, and it will be our pleasure to refer you to somebody from our team of experts who know all about offshore companies, banking etc and understand e-commerce too.
What business models are prohibited?
- Adoption services - Child pornography - Live animals - Human body parts, fluids or remains - Material that violates intellectual property rights (pirated goods or replicas) - Credit card protection services - Credit repair services - Charities involving multi-level pyramids - Drugs and paraphernalia - Products that will take more than 3 months to deliver - Arms sales from home - Products made in countries that are subject to sanctions.
Is there any fee for managing my Merchant Account?
Yes, WorldMerchant charges a fee, agreed in advance, once it has found the right solution for your business and you have accepted it. There are no up-front fees nor hidden charges - only payment based on our results.
Is the management fee refundable?
Yes, it is 100% refundable in the unfortunate case of rejection of your application. The only exception is if the rejection is due to misrepresentation, or non-compliance with standards or documentation requests from your side. See our terms and conditions.